A voronoi shape is a mathematically generated cell structure created by drawing lines equidistant from a set of points. Voronoi is used across the natural and artificial world for everything from understanding the physical constraints that drive the organization of biological tissues to calculating computational fluid dynamics. Voronoi shape structures are found naturally in plant cells structures, amphibians’ skin, dried mud, dragonflies’ wings, giraffes’ skins, and even in the 3D arrangement of soap bubbles.

Inspired by an interest in nature’s intersection with mathematics, the studio created a voronoi shaped divine lights piece. The pattern was selected from a set of randomly generated patterns for its ideal sense of proportion and innate aesthetic.  

The video included in Voronoi’s initial release is titled Liquidity. It is a colourful reference to early projection artists who swirled inks and oils on overhead projectors and played ‘loops’ of 16mm film to create live experiences at concerts. They were psychedelic pioneers of projection and lighting whose work now influences the largest pop music stage shows.

The content in CTRL + X is a further exploration of the voronoi shape while keeping the underlying references from Liquidity. Virtual lighting systems were used to cause the voronoi lattice to cast shadows on the surfaces of the openings. The idea is to link the virtual, video content to the real, physical lattice through light and impossibly generated shadows. The lighting system has found its way into other computer generated work by the artists.

Content : Liquidity

Content : Ctrl + X



Edition 1 : 2015 – Baltic Birch (painted white), 10″ Television Screen, Media Player – 20cm W x 29cm H

Railtown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

778.988.4283 or 604.379.7778