Rosette is inspired by a number of timeless sculptural objects dating as far back as ancient Greece. The rosette derives from the natural shape of the botanical rosette, formed by leaves radiating out from the stem of a plant and visible even after the flowers have withered. Mathematically linked to the golden ratio, spiral rosette shapes are often found in botanical growth, most notably in cacti and succulents. Within it, eyes and landscapes appear.

Content : Water Ways

Rosette playfully reflects on the flow of water and its crucial role as a sustainer of life and renewal. It visually points to the historical and cultural meditative properties of flowing water.

Edition 1 (56cm W x 82 cm H x 10 cm D ) with Water Ways content

Content : Galaxy Grandeur

We were once confined by our own power. Now machines enable us to explore the galaxy. So many things are still far beyond our understanding. There is an inherent beauty which we still strive towards; consciously and unconsciously.  As we look into the infinite expanse of the known universe tiny blinking lights which remind us that there is so much we don’t know about the universe and, even, our own planet.

Edition 1 (56cm W x 82 cm H x 10 cm D) with Galaxy Grandeur content


Edition 1 : 2013 – Baltic Birch, 30″ Television Screen, Media Player – 56cm W x 82 cm H x 10 cm D – SOLD to private collector

Edition 2 : 2015 – Baltic Birch, 40″ Television Screen, Media Player – 62 cm W x 102 cm H x 9 cm D


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