Majo ( 魔女 )


Majo’s shape references classical stained glass; Divine Lights’ historic inspiration. This archway design, inspired by 20th century art nouveau and art deco forms, is similar to traditional stained glass in churches.


Content : Pressed Flowers

The content was started with a vibrant piece featuring pressed and time lapsed flowers integrated with butterflies, floral kaleidoscopes and saturated crystal effects.

Edition 1 (56cm W x 89cm H) with Pressed Flowers content


Content : Stained

The wonder of coloured glass has existed for millennia. It was only fairly recently in human history that we are able to artificially create these awe inspiring colours. This content is many layers of stained glass from around the world.

Edition 2 (20cm W x 29cm H) with Stained content


Edition 1 : 2015 – Baltic Birch (painted white), 40″ Television Screen, Media Player – 56cm W x 89cm H

Edition 2 : 2016 – Baltic Birch (painted white), 10″ Television Screen, Media Player – 20cm W x 29cm H

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