Here is a list of the most common questions we get asked, answered.
Are these screens or what?

Inside each Edition unit there is a single high quality lcd monitor. Customized units may have more.

How did you think of this?

The idea for the pieces evolved from a projection mapping art sculpture and a bottle display that were made in 2013 by Divine Lights’ parent company, Hfour Design.

What is the lifespan of the screen?

The display is rated to have a lifespan of 35,000 hours. In real terms this means a Divine Lights display can be on for 8 hours a day for nearly 12 years.

Can I change the content?

Yes. Each display comes with a single piece of content, and more can be requested as per each client’s interest. Adding new content can be done via a wired or wireless internet connection or a USB storage device. Please read more about our Limited Editions content sharing system here.

Can I put my own photos or video into the artwork?

If you are interested in a custom piece, please contact us.

Who manufactures Divine Lights?

Divine Lights are designed and assembled in Vancouver, Canada.

Can I get a customized design?

Yes. We call the outer shape a lattice, and we can cut nearly any shape of lattice.

What materials can it be made of?

Currently, we can make Divine Lights with wood, acrylic polymer, and metal.

How big can they be made?

In single panel format, currently Divine Lights can be made up to 85” in diagonal size. Larger formats require the customization of multiple screens.

Can you make them curved?

No. We looked into it, and although possible, we’re not going to do it for anything but large scale multi-panel custom orders.

What is the screen brightness? Will I be able to see them in a bright room?

The screens we use are approximately double the brightness of standard consumer grade televisions.

How can I order one?

Contact us via email or telephone. Each piece is as unique as the buyer, we prefer to converse with our clients on a more personal level than an online shop.

What about shipping?

We ship just about anywhere.

I’d like to make content for these. How can I do this?

Send us a mail with your motion graphics / animation reel and we can go forward from there.

Railtown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

778.988.4283 or 604.379.7778