This one of a kind piece feature two layers of hand cut paper, by Rachael Ashe, suspended above each other. These two layers play with the idea of duality. Humanity works constantly with opposing forces; us and them, left and right, heaven and hell, mind and matter. Moral dualism is the belief of the great complement of or conflict between the benevolent and the malevolent. We struggle to balance two sides of the world. One is always stronger than the other and there is rarely, if ever, a yin and yang relationship.

We dream about the world and we create it.

Content : Vapor

We come from nature and live in cities.

This content reflects on the relaxation of the natural world and contrasts it starkly with the dark city night.

One of a Kind (40cm W x 59cm H x 11cm D) with Vapor content


One of a Kind : 2016 – Oak, 21″  Screen, Media Player – 40cm W x 59cm H x 11cm D

Railtown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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