Artist Biographies

Stuart James W (BFA, 2003, U. of Calgary) is a classically trained artist now focused on digital media and light art. His first exhibited artworks were oil paintings and etched circuitry. He progressed through photography and video into VJ culture and live video performance experiences. His current practices are a cumulative assembly of skills and critical thinking related his previous media work.

Ben Z Cooper (Media Arts, 2007, Sheridan College) was born in Ontario and currently lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a professionally trained filmmaker, curator and digital artist. Over the last ten years, he’s dedicated his time to honing his digital artistry and creating immersive art experiences.

The Vancouver-based artist duo create new media installations with using technology and craftsmenship. They use their expertise in video, projections, lighting, and special effects to elevate public spaces, architecture, and natural features in ways that encourage thought and interaction.

Through their art, they investigates the concepts of time, ephemerality, perfection in geometry and mathematics, and cultural relationships to visions of the otherworld.

They are committed to expanding the culture of technology-driven art, especially in the Greater Vancouver Area. In 2013, they helped found Aurora Digitalis, an inclusive non-profit organization focused on technology-enabled art through curating art shows and engaging in public art.

Ben and Stuart also own and operate the boutique experiential company, Hfour Studio.

They have done live video performances on relief sculptures in Japan, China, and across Canada. Their interactive works have been displayed at various events in Canada.

Divine Lights were originally created in 2014 by Stuart and Ben in Vancouver, Canada. It began as an idea to build a projection mapping artwork with projector and surface in lock step, and progressed to a standalone video artwork through several prototypes and iterations. New technologies continue to evolve in this medium.

Railtown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

778.988.4283 or 604.379.7778