Divine Lights is a series of art works created by Ben Z Cooper and Stuart James Ward from Hfour Studios. Inspired by the ethereal beauty of stained glass, the artist duo have brought the illuminating craft into the 21st century. Simply, Divine Lights are video art stained glass.

Inspired by geometry and the recent discoveries in neuroaesthetics, Divine Lights artworks have been created to elicit an aesthetic response in a viewer’s brain. Throughout the process of the creation of the geometric forms, the innate beauty of symmetry and mathematics helps guide the process towards a conceptual ideal.

Video panels embedded into precision-cut materials create stained glass images that move, change, and evolve. With the latticework partially occluding the video screen, the archetypal qualities of a television are removed, leaving the visual media embedded in the craftwork to exist for its own sake. Separated from broadcast television,  the artworks exist as a permanent home for video art. The works inspire awe, as the first stained glass artworks did in the middle ages.

Railtown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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